The PA has launched an Inclusivity action plan. So what should you do now?

Last week the PA launched its 10 point Inclusivity Action Plan; if you haven’t seen it in full, you can read it here. As well as asking people to sign up to the plan, they are also setting the following targets for publishing members:

  1. Aim to employ at least 50% of women in both senior leadership positions and executive level roles
  2. Aim to ensure 15% of their employees are Black, Asian and ethnic minority people within the next five years

This is a really positive step forward for the industry, I am hopeful that the prominence the PA are giving to this issue will give real momentum to the signs of change we are starting to see.

For those who are looking at the plan and wondering where to start, I would definitely recommend beginning with gathering some basic data. Diversity is relatively easy to measure and a helpful first step might be to analyse the following:

·        How many staff at each role/level in your organization are female?

·        How many women are on the board?

·        How many women are in C-suite roles?

·        Where women are in these senior roles, are they paid the same as their male colleagues, and if not, is there a compelling reason why not?

This will help to start tackling the question of gender equity in your organization. Regarding BAME employees, it's probably necessary to look at the start of the career journey and how you can attract applications from a wider talent pool. Here again there are also some fairly obvious starting points:

·        How and where do you recruit?

·        Are you targeting schools or just universities for entry level roles?

·        Do you do name-blind recruitment?

·        Do your jobs specify a degree? Do you really think it’s necessary for the role in question?

·        Do you pay interview expenses for non-local candidates?

Measuring all of this should be relatively straightforward, and will give you a baseline for where you are now on the diversity scale. In future blogs I will look at how to start assessing social inclusion, which is often more nebulous. Check back here soon for more.


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