About Business Inclusivity

A bit about me

I'm Nancy, the founder of Business Inclusivity. We work with both businesses and individuals to support greater inclusivity in boardrooms, and to create a business landscape where a range of voices can be heard. This arose out of my own experiences of being in the corporate sphere, as well as those of many women I have talked to along the way. 

I have a background in operations, and I have also worked in management consultancy and in the charity sector. I am passionate about helping both businesses and individuals realize their potential. I'm also - apparently - addicted to studying, I have a BA, two Masters degrees and a PhD. And I'm currently in the process of studying for an Executive MBA, which I'm loving. 

I started the business as a social enterprise, which means we can reinvest our profits back into the organization. If you'd like to donate and support our work, we'd be really grateful - please get in touch.

When I'm not working, I like cats, vodka, being in our cottage in Suffolk, and hanging around with my amazing friends. 

I hope to meet you at one of our events soon! Thanks for visiting the site.

Nancy x