An Inclusive Workplace is Better for Everyone

We are a social enterprise providing diversity and inclusion consultancy to businesses and women in leadership. We see inclusion as the key to successfully leveraging the benefits of a diverse workforce, and we work with business leaders to identify ways in which creating an inclusive workplace can help them to achieve their organization's goals. We also offer one-on-one support to women in leadership, helping them to maximize their impact and to inhabit the boardroom with confidence.

The Inclusive Boardroom

We work with your senior team to build a business-led diversity and inclusion strategy, ensuring that real change is effected through the organization

The Inclusive

We offer one-to-one coaching and personal development plans for senior leaders, to help you develop your ability to include others more effectively

Executive Coaching for Women in Leadership

Our executive coaching focuses specifically on women in, or aspiring to achieve, leadership roles



'Nancy balances a genuine passion for inclusivity with solid commercial insight across many sectors. There's huge need for the services Business Inclusivity offer, which will help to get more businesses fit for the future. Leaders need support to understand how more inclusive workplaces bring about better results. You don't know how much you need this until you ask.' Jon Knight, RNLI

We are a Community Interest Company, which means we run as a business and make a profit from trading, but this profit does not go to shareholders. Instead, it is reinvested in the organization or donated to charity. By reinvesting the profits, we are able to more inclusive, funding bursaries and sponsorship to support women in leadership who may not otherwise be able to access our services. We are also proud to be a certified member of Social Enterprise UK, the national body for social enterprise.

Find out more about being a CIC here